If you’ve called the studio in the past 27+ years, that friendly, upbeat voice that usually answers the phone belongs to my studio manager, Gwen.

I have no idea why or how she has hung in there with me all this time. Maybe it’s because I’m such a fabulous employer (unlikely) or that she’s the most loyal, patient, generous, trustworthy, dependable person I know (most likely!).

In any case, as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”.  And, December 29th will be Gwen’s last day with us as she and her husband Paul move to their new home near Dallas.

These days, it’s beyond rare to find someone like Gwen much more or less have the good fortune to have had her continue to stay with us through so many good times and an occasional few bad times. But that speaks more of her and the type of person she is. To Linda and I, Gwen has certainly been more than an employee. She’s family and while I know that we will continue to stay in touch, that smiling, happy face that’s greeted me every workday for almost 30 years will be greatly missed.

If you’d like to send her a note, her email is: gwen@arthurmeyerson.com.

Please join us in wishing her and Paul all the best.

And finally, Gwen, thank you… thank you for everything!

3 thoughts on “Gwen

  1. It will indeed be a hole in the universe when I call the studio and do not hear that genuinly lively Arthur Meyerson Photography emanating from Gwen’s lips. I think Arthur should record it and still use it on incoming calls.
    Gwen was so undaunted by the craziness of the business, and the complexities of some of the huge campaigns we all pulled off over the years. And pulled off well!
    But really the biggest kudos for her is that she indeed put up with her boss for sooo long!!
    Gwen, you will be missed but not forgotten! Enjoy your life, and my best to both you and Paul (the lucky guy!)

  2. I am the Paul whom was/is so lucky to have “hired” Gwen away from Arthur! I do know that I am an extremely lucky man to have met and married such a fabulous person. The compliments I hear come from people concerning Gwen, such as the cheerful voice. loyal, etc., I have been so lucky to blessed with from her since we met. I want all of you that know and love Gwen, that I will love her, cherish her and do my very best to make her the happiest person possible, knowing that she will and has done that for me. I also will post a picture of the sweet Gun Barrel Kayaker that has invaded Cedar Creek Lake with her Hat and her pony (Kayak) named Silver. Arthur and Linda, I want to thatnk you for all that you mean to Gwen, rest assured that you mean a lot! You are her family and friend all built into one. While she always respected you as her employer, it is the friendship that is far more important to her and does not end, even though the employment does. Our lakehouse will always be open to all to visit, and hopefully you will. I look forward to meeting all who have been so important to Gwen. Thanks for letting me have her..I won’t screw it up!

  3. While it’s been a while since I was in constant phone or email communication with Gwen, calling always reminded me of “home” for, as everyone knows, Gwen is family — not only to Arthur, but to all of us who have had the privilege of knowing her ….. no matter how long.

    Gwen, enjoy this new chapter, knowing you’ve touched the lives of thousands, even millions …


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