It's wonderful seeing revered colleagues produce summations of their life's work. In the tradition of Jay Maisel & Ernst Haas, Arthur is one of the finest color photographers of our time."
Joe McNally, Photographer, New York

Arthur’s aesthetic sensibilities are always a joy to view; his sense of composition, color and light. Furthermore, I was captivated by the color palette subtlety of many images that sit alongside those with bold color interplay. Arthur’s vision is acute and beautiful. A great combination."
Thomas R. Kennedy, Former Director of Photography, National Geographic

Arthur Meyerson has a discerning eye second to none. How he sees space and sometimes wildly vivid color, often creating order out of chaos, is brilliant."
William Albert Allard, Former National Geographic Photographer, Virginia

Arthur's words and his images have the coherent polish and grace of a person who is thoroughly aware of the light we live in and how we occupy each other within it. Though it appears on the surface that his work is populated with the everyday environment, Meyerson takes it to a existential level with the beauty of his compositions. His ‘decisive moment’, rings beautiful and true. It is the first photography book in sometime which reconnected me to art, to artists, to the times around the world and across the centuries that inspire us.”
Lynn Goldsmith, Photographer, Nashville

Like an icon that never wears out, be it a favorite hat or a tragic monument, no matter how often I’ve seen an Arthur Meyerson picture, I am always seeing it for the first time. It refuses to become familiar."
Arno Minkkinen, Fine Art Photographer, Massachusetts

Light effuses Arthur Meyerson’s photographs making colors vivid, significant details pop and smiles radiant. His ‘decisive moments’ are when all the elements fuse into an enticing whole."
Anne Wilkes Tucker, Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator

Just because there are a lot of people who photograph in color, does not mean that they understand what color is all about. But Arthur Meyerson does. He understands how colors can shape, transform, enhance or redefine everything – from objects to space, from views to people. And he knows that color is part of a larger vision that can encompass both the human heart and the universal. Many artists seek out the beauty and eloquence of color, but there are so few like him who feel it and then take us beyond the passion, mystery, exhilaration and vulnerability that color adds to life. That Arthur continually brings these back for all of us to experience is a wonder."
Roy Flukinger, Curator of Photography, University of Texas, Austin, Texas

The performance of another’s shooting is largely a mystery to us. I have no idea how Arthur works, but I am constantly surprised by the intensity and variety of his images. We have gone to shoot the same thing or place at different times and I’m constantly pissed by the fact that his images are better than mine."
Jay Maisel, Photographer, New York

Arthur Meyerson’s photographs are imbued with a sense of poetry and spirit of time and place. The poetry comes from his appreciation and understanding of light, color and gesture; and the ability to capture a sense of place comes from his emotional sensitivity. Like his mentor, Ernst Haas, Arthur builds and creates images that record the nuances that define our world."
Reid Callahan, Director, Santa Fe, New Mexico

When I think of an Arthur Meyerson photo, the first thing that comes to mind is the palette he creates to intoxicate the viewer. The result being an immediate connection with the imagery. The colors, hue and tonality push the concepts of his captures – driving home their honesty. Staying true to his subjects, be they landscapes or cowboys on the plains, they echo a quest for honesty and realism, rarely seen in photography today. One can feel the moment that Arthur clicks his shutter because he leaves you with a feeling for the moment. The fog lifting off a river or the dust stirred by the hoofs of horses, one never questions his motives. They are true and sure, just like the person behind the lens."
Greg Gorman, Photographer, Los Angeles

Arthur Meyerson lives in another world. It is a world I would love to live in. He is a photographer’s photographer. With his pictures, Meyerson turn our lives for a moment into an emotional fantasy world in which everyday scenes are turned into magic."
David Alan Harvey, Photographer, New York

Powerful, elegant photographs by one of the most respected photographers working today. The world, according to Arthur Meyerson, is one of enchanting color, deep beauty, humor and hope."
Keith Carter, Fine Art Photographer and Educator, Beaumont, Texas

An Arthur Meyerson image is both original and classic. There is no more winning combination. Looking at his photographs one feels they have entered a world more beautiful than any they could have imagined."
Amy Arbus, Photographer, New York

Arthur Meyerson is a native Texan, and one of his most formidable gifts as a photographer is to convey that the big sky sheltering him is the same sky that shelters us all – that no matter who or where we are in this world, there are things that we share. No matter where he photographs, he brings his images home."
Nancy Foley, Former Director, Los Angeles

Arthur Meyerson is a sharpshooter who hits the bull’s eye every time. He makes excellence look easy."
John Paul Caponigro, Fine Art Photographer, Maine