Cuba is one of those places that most of us think about with a mixed sense of wonder and mystery. Having just had the opportunity to visit and photograph there, courtesy of a cultural exchange, I finally got my opportunity to see and experience this country first hand. While the infrastructure is in dire need of upgrading, the people are amazingly friendly and resourceful. They are innovators creating and making whatever they need to keep things going. Of course the most obvious example are the cars. But we saw it time and again regardless of the need. Particularly interesting were the Cuban photographers that we met and befriended. We witnessed some very fine work in all genres of photography, both film and digital. Other highlights were visiting the remains of the Hershey Sugar Mill, Hemingway’s home… La Fina Vigia, the Museum of the Revolution and the Cohiba Cigar Factory, the Dom Perignon of cigars. Definitely looking forward to the next trip… Commandante Don Arturo! View the slide show here: Cuba… Old Cars, Great Cigars and More

2 thoughts on “Cuba… Old Cars, Great Cigars and More

  1. Arthur.
    this is brilliant. It’s a classroom in a box. I looked eyes roamed around each frame and composition feeling the finesse you own to make these
    beautiful, emotional, photographs. I’m with you. You’ve drawn me in.
    The strength, the caring and the involvement of you and your images is so evident.


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