The Journey is reviewed by Reid Callanan, Director of the Santa Fe Workshops


Many people claim to be master color photographers – almost as many as claim to be “National Geographic” photographers.  To be a master at anything, a certain level of mastery must be attained, and this is rarified territory.  When I think of the true masters of color photography only a few names come to mind – Ernst Haas, Pete Turner, Eliot Porter, Jay Maisel, and Arthur Meyerson.

Arthur’s latest book, The Journey, is the story of his progression to mastery.  His journey in color photography began with commercial work, then evolved to personal projects, and now is primarily devoted to teaching.  In teaching, the final step to mastery is completed through mentorship.

I have had the pleasure of watching Arthur grow into a masterful teacher.  His workshops The Color of Light and The Color Moment are testaments to the command he holds for his subject.  And this subject is a lifelong journey to understand color photography at the highest level – that of a master.

Reid Callanan

Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops