I was listening to the Bob Edwards Show on XM radio this morning. He had a great interview with singer/songwriter John Mellencamp. Among other things they talked about the production of Mellencamp’s new album, “No Better Than This” ( a teriffic album!). The album, produced by T. Bone Burnett, was recorded live using a 1950’s tape recorder with a single microphone on location in places like Savannah’s First African Baptist Church, Sun Studio in Memphis, and the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio (site of blues master Robert Johnson’s historic 1936 recordings) to recapture the “sound”.

In the interview, Mellencamp talks about how in those days they were recording “moments” as opposed to today where everything is over thought, over planned and over produced.

It reminded me of a lot of the photography we see today.

Here’s to the moment!

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