This is a class I initially designed as a “next step” to my other workshop, The Color of Light. However, the The Color of Light is not a prerequisite for taking this course. This is more about capturing color moments and some of the methods I use to help me in doing so.

From my recent Color Moment class in San Miguel de Allende, here are two testimonials that tell it best:

“As a former black and white photographer, this workshop taught me the importance of color and light in the composition of my images. I found this class essential for taking my photography to a higher level. Arthur’s enthusiasm for color photography radiates through the class and insures that you are handed powerful tools to work with. I highly recommend this class for any serious photographer….”- Sam Johnson, Cathedral City, CA.

“I had the opportunity to first meet Arthur at his “Color of Light” workshop in Vancouver several years ago followed more recently while attending his “Color Moment” course in San Miguel, Mexico. It was during both of these occasions that I had a chance to experience the work of the legendary commercial photographer turned educator firsthand. Not only bearing exceptional photographic skill, his engaging instructional approach quickly grew upon me. No fancy photoshop footwork here. Arthur’s photographic tools are a keen eye to anticipate the moment, and an impeccable sense of timing with which to capture it. Add a dash of color to the mix, and he will bring it all together with imagery that will inspire you to follow his lead. Through his endearing teaching style, Arthur will push the student of light to explore beyond that which is familiar and comfortable to the budding artist. It is his love of the medium, combined with a mastery of technical knowledge and artistic vision, that shines through when Arthur extends a guiding hand to the artist in discovering their own voice and shaping their journey down the creative path. And, all of this is done with great discipline in ensuring that the artist owns every pixel in the frame, in deference to the medium. If you are a lover of color, and want to expand your photographic horizons, then you owe it to yourself to cross paths with Arthur Meyerson, at least once in your lifetime!”- Anil Sud, Winnipeg, MB Canada

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